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Hello Homes!

I'm Corey Breingan

Hello,  I am Corey Breingan, owner of Hello Homes.

I have been renovating and staging homes with my husband Jon, in Panama City, Florida for five years.


My love of homes and real estate started in my early twenties and I have been buying and renovating ever since. With a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication and Marketing from FSU, I have worked in both the private and public sector. I received an accredited designation Staging Design Professional from the Staging Studio. My favorite things (besides the husband and kiddos) are white paint, delightful light fixtures, a well made bed, ceramic animals, house plants that cooperate, and tacos.


I'm married to my crazy handsome husband Jon. After retiring from the Air Force, Jon now flys for a legacy airline and in his time off he can be found on his tractor, woodworking, making his car go faster, and by default, eating tacos.

I am excited to help you prepare your home for sale so that you can sell fast, make more money, and move on to your next adventure. 

Instagram @hello_homes

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