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in a day.

If you’re looking for a quick and affordable home update this is a great option for you. Design in a Day maximizes what you already own, ties together things you love, and fills in the blanks. This is a great service for people who buy things they like and then get it home and think, “Hmmm, now what?”

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Step 1: Consult.

This is where we get the ball rolling! In this step I (Corey) will visit your home to see the space you want to redesign.  We will discuss what you love, hate, want to keep, desperate to get rid of, own because it was gift, need to repurpose, and more. Measurements will be taken and a floor plan will start to be developed. While I am there, we will “shop” your home to see if there is anything that would be a better fit in the redesign space. This is when we will identify if there is anything that is needed to “fill in the blanks.” This might be a larger rug, new art, or even furniture pieces. Finally, we will develop a budget for the items to be purchased.


Step 2: Collect.

Now that we know your goals and what is needed to complete your space, we start collecting those items. We will select art, furniture, and accessories for your home from our inventory, local vendors, and online sources. This is where we streeeeeeetch your dollar to create a cohesive space you will love.


Step 3: Complete.

Here is where the magic happens! We set a date and time to show up and your home and complete the project. This will take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on the complexity of the project. You will need to go to work, out with a friend, or drive nervously in circles around your neighborhood (not recommended) while we are working. When the room is complete you will get the call and have your very own “MOVE that BUS” moment.

Design in a day cost

The consultation cost is $150. Please plan for up to 2 hours to complete the measurements and discuss the project.


Once we decide on a shopping budget for the room, 50% of that is required on the day of the consultation.


The remainder of the shopping budget and the $500 install fee are due one week before the installation.   

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