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Staged homes sell around 73% faster than home which aren’t staged.


The HARDEST part of living in your house when it’s for sale is convincing everyone to make their beds, pick up toys, hide their toothbrushes, stash the dog food bowls, and for goodness sake, stop messing with the pillow on the sofa! We know living in a house when it’s being shown is no fun for anyone. That’s why Hello Homes is here to help you stage your occupied home so it will sell FAST.

The goal of occupied home staging is to help highlight the many features of your home and create a space where homebuyers can picture their lives happening.


We will create a plan that

  • Makes the most of your space.

  • Improves traffic flow.

  • Demonstrates best use.

  • Gives the buyer positive emotions to encourage them to make an offer.

The price for occupied staging depends upon the size of the home, the number of rooms staged, and if rental furniture, rugs, and accessories are needed.
What are your favorite things?

Are you a fan of long weekends? Do you love when HULU adds entire seasons so you can binge awesome shows from the 90's? Does a Dillard's extra 50% off clearance sale thrill you? Does someone else washing your car make you want to do cartwheels? Okay, maybe those are a few of my favorite things. But, when your house is for sale the goal is to sell that puppy and get back to your favorite things. 

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