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And the envelope please.

October is the time of year for awesome things like cooler weather, pumpkins, and starting to think about the holidays. But, one of my other little nerdy favorite things about the Fall is that paint companies start to announce the next year’s color of the year. It’s like the Academy Awards for color…sigh.

Now, it’s pretty interesting that the big guys like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Pantone usually come up with very different colors. But, these colors are based on current trends, what people are wearing, what’s happening in current events, and these colors they predict what we as consumers might start using in our homes. So, imagine my delight when I just opened up an email from Sherman Williams and it wasn’t my typical coupon or a reminder of an upcoming holiday weekend sale. Instead, it was the much awaited announcement of the Sherman Williams color of the year. And, I wasn’t disappointed!

Sherwin Williams has named “Naval” their color of the year. And, I bet without even seeing the color you can imagine what it looks like. This deep navy is a beautiful tone of blue that seems ver versatile. “Naval”would be a beautiful color for walls in the dining room or powder room. It would made an awesome color for kitchen cabinets or even to add life to a dresser or other piece of furniture which needs a fresh look. Or, how incredibly relaxing does this color make the bedroom in the photo below? I think I’ll buy a gallon and see where I can use this color in an upcoming project.

Image from Sherwin Williams

A couple years ago I used “Hale Navy,” a popular Benjamin Moore navy, on a front door and I really wanted to love it, but it was missing something. So many online reviews with people LOVING Hale Navy. I was like, what the hale are they talking about? I thought it was just kind of okay.

When you look at Sherwin Williams’ Naval and Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy side by side it does seem like “Naval” has a brighter fee, which I probably would have enjoyed.

Now, we will wait and see what the other guys pick as their colors for 2020. Are you in the middle of picking out colors? Why not click around and see what previous colors of year have been for a little inspiration. And remember, when selecting colors to live in who cares what those "in the know" say is on trend. It is important to pick colors that make you feel happy in your surroundings.

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