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Make a GREAT first impression.

A worn out welcome mat and dead porch plants won't sell a house. And, we are all guilty of the occasional dead porch plant- just ask the burnt mum that has been on my porch since November. But...I'm not selling my house, so that's just a personal problem. If you are selling your house you can make a big impact with a few small changes. The first impression people (and let's be real...YOU) receive when walking up to your front door sets the mood for the interior of your home. Buyers decide FAST if they are interested in your house or not. Make that first impression count... a good first impression could lead to a great offer!

Today, we are sharing a few easy ways you can transform your front door into something straight out of a magazine. If you find that you don't have time for this, you can always ask us for help.

Toys, old patio furniture, leaves, and dingy welcome mats immediately drag down the perceived value of your home. Grab a garbage bag for the trash and start putting things you don't need on the curb.

Clean the inside and outside of your front door and any windows facing your front entry or porch area.

The color of your home's exterior will dictate the color palette you select for any new area rugs or seating. If you have a small front stoop, opt for monochromatic colors that coincide with your house, as this will prevent that area from looking even smaller. If you have a front porch (with enough room for at least two chairs), you can use more contrasting colors or patterns.

When selecting your color palette, even if it is monochromatic, put a high emphasis on texture. A natural fiber welcome mat or layered welcome mat (a larger one under a smaller one) is one good way to add texture.

Leafy plants or tall, potted grasses of varying heights will add more texture and depth to your front entry, as well.

Picture what buyers will take in while they wait for the agent to open the door. So get out there and get to work on that front porch. Or, holler and we can help!

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