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Black & White Rugs to Love

If you are looking to update or refresh a room in your house, consider starting from the ground level with a new rug. Rugs are an incredible way to define spaces, group furniture together, and anchor your room. If you ever feel like your furniture is just floating and your space isn’t comfortable a rug can help. One of the most common mistakes people make in the rug department is buying rugs that are too small. Undersized rugs will not give you the look you want. The goal should be for the rug to be larger than the furniture grouping. I like to place the sofa feet on the rug to make sure all the pieces are playing nicely.

This chart is a super cheat sheet. Put it this way, I am about to stop purchasing 4 X 6 rugs because they always seem too small. Scale up!

Starting with a neutral rug is a great idea. But, neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. One trend I am digging are black and white rugs. I have used black and white rugs in staging and it always kicks the style up a notch without being too overwhelming.

These rugs are great no matter your design style. Here are a few I am loving…

1. [Pyla Modern Graphic Rug] This one has a bit of a retro vibe that I am super digging. The design is subdued, but the rug has a definite personality of its own. This rug is great for a living room and I can see it making a statement in a foyer. Of course, you’d have to have a “shoes off” rule with this beauty. Oh, and it's 90% wool, so it is heavy duty and will last FOREVER!

2. [Dax Maze Rug] I can't lie. It's the fringe that adds the flair for me on this one! A nice 8X 10 size with a heathered grey maze-like pattern, makes this pick a delight. I can picture it in a bedroom or any other space you want to add some cozy sophistication. This would be an awesome nursery rug. I'm all smiles for this rug!

3. [Talbot Black 8’ X11’ Hand-Tufted Rug] Texture. For. Days. That's what this rug has and that's what you will love about it. It's 100% wool, a nice large size, and the yarns are dyed multiple shades of subtle color change. This one reminds me of a timeless tweed jacket that will suit many styles.

4. [Flatweave Faded Print Rug] There's so much to love about this rug! It has a traditional charm that will work anywhere in your home. It's 100% cotton- which gives it a casual vibe, but the pattern looks like you picked it up traveling the world. And, the best part- this lovely lady is under $350. Love it!

5. [Emmaline Woven Rug] This one is the perfect example of a neutral rug that is anything but boring. The pattern is so much fun without being too much- a thing I personally have never mastered. :) And, at 80% wool this one would be great on your feet first thing in the morning if you used it under your bed.

SO. Many. Options. Which one is your favorite? If you have a room that needs a little love any of these lovely options will give your room a new look. Click on the pictures to learn more about these rugs and shop the whole black & white rug collection.

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