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First impressions.

So, bear with me while I share a silly personal story. Last week we welcomed a perfect little human into our family. While we were waiting around at the hospital I said to Devin, (soon to be dad) “You’re looking sharp Dev.” And he said, “never underestimate a first impression. I don’t want him to think I’m a slob.” I laughed! Yes, I think the newborn was impressed with the polo shirt.

He had one thing right, first impressions are important. Your front door and entry way is the first impression for friends and family when they arrive at your home. What is your front door saying now?

Let’s start with the front door...

If you’re looking for a quick pick me up consider just giving it a good cleaning and take care to scrub around the weather stripping and the hardware. Sometimes just getting built up fringes prints and dirt off the door will make a big difference. If you are willing to commit some time consider giving it a fresh coat of paint or even updating the color. Front doors are great places to introduce a color you love into your home. Vibrant or darker red, yellow, green, and blue are colors you might not dare to use in big doses, but could be a ton of fun on your door. If you decide to paint, take the extra effort and take the door off the hinges and remove all of the hardware. Be sure to take your time with the cleaning and prep for the best results.

“You better have tacos!” What a great idea for a door mat. The options of door mats are endless with the interwebs right now. But, you’ll see that popping into Walmart or Target will also reveal tons of options, usually for under $15. If you’re happy with the doormat you have now, take it into the yard and give it a good cleaning to make it look new again. If you’re ready for something new here are a few I find delightful.

Now, that we covered the door and front mat, how about adding a little something? The front door is a great place for a plant, a chair, or another object you love. Be sure whatever you put outside can handle the elements. But, you may already have something around your house or garage that would be perfect at your front door.

Take 15 minutes today and spend sometime at your front door. Give it a little scrub, a lot of love, and maybe a fun splash of color borrowed from somewhere else in your home. Here are some of my favorite front doors we have done last couple years.

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