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How to Stage with Color, Light & Art

Whether you are selling a home that is brand new or looking a bit dated, you and your home stager have the power to either impress your potential buyers or repel them from the very first MLS photo they see.

Meet your three new best friends: Color, light, and artwork.

Fortunately, this powerful trio of resources is easy to implement despite being often overlooked by real estate agents. If you are in a hurry to sell, taking an hour to consult with a home stager on these three things can save your listing weeks, even months, of sitting on the market.


Blank spaces don't sell well, and they certainly don't induce a bidding war. Rather than leaving blank walls and lifeless colors in your listing, lit by the meager lighting that manages to enter the room, consider how any space can be elevated with a few strategic moves:

  • Add colorful throw pillows to a boring but nice sofa

  • Fill blank walls with appropriately sized artwork

  • Add layers of texture with area rugs, or even wood / metal decor


Natural light is always the most attractive way to brighten a room. Consider removing any bulky window treatments and replacing them with sheer versions. Add a mirror across from a window to double the light.

Weigh the possibility of swapping out fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs for LED versions, especially over work spaces. Lighting that is too yellow will make any space look decades older than it should. Lastly, consider adding accent lighting (lamps or similar) to normally dark spaces, such as corners, countertops, and tables.


Adding artwork to a listing isn't just an aesthetically-pleasing tactic. Wall art can actually make a room feel small and cozy or big and spacious depending on the size and placement of that art. (You can see how using the wrong art could make a small space feel even smaller - not a good selling point).

Work with your home stager to make sure the right-sized art is used in your listing. As home stagers, we have extensive arsenals of artwork and can also rearrange and use the existing artwork in the listing if it is occupied.

Using color, art, and light to make a space feel like home is great for staging or for styling your own home. Follow Hello Homes on Instagram or Facebook for more tips!

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