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It's not easy being green

When you hear “fake plants” do you immediately think about plastic climbing ivy from the 1990’s, or is that just me? I’m here to tell you that if you haven’t explained the world of faux (we say faux now because it sounds classier than fake) plants in a minute, you will be surprised.

I have never had what one would call a “green thumb,” but I love the look and feel of houseplants. Over the years I have a few which have soldiered through and found a happy place in corners of my home. And others I seem to move around and around and they never seem satisfied. But lately, I have been finding so many great faux plants that I don’t feel as desperate to keep the real guys alive. And, the truth is, it is so hard to tell the real ones from the fake that sometimes I just water and everything and wait to see what happens. Last week Jon said, “Is that real?” about a plant that was real and has been in our bedroom for two years. Yes, thanks for noticing.

Snake plant- real (4 ft from where husband sleeps)

Houseplants are great for so many reasons. The real ones are known to help air quality on your home. I read recently that it is good to sleep with snake plants near your bed and we have been because it looks pretty. But, now I have quasi-scientific woo-woo to back up choice. I also love plants to add color, texture, and help fill spaces without making them look cluttered. And, small plants like succulents are a great addition to a shelf, table, window sill because they add a little life. We won’t even delve into how real the faux succulents look now, and so affordable. I have a mix of real and fake ones on my kitchen table and I bet you can’t even figure out which is which…wanna try?

All are real but one, can you guess?

All are faux...faux real.

If you are a starter plant lover I would recommend trying out a snake plant. I have two which seem to be surviving and occasionally thriving. I also have a few smaller potted guys which are thriving in their spots around the kitchen,

If you are looking for faux I have a few that I really love.

This one is a 5 ft. faux fiddle leaf fig that I got on QVC. I know right, QVC! I think I scrolled past an Instagram ad for this tree about 50 times before I got convinced to click. When it came in a thin and tiny box I was questioning my choice. But, once I fluffed it up and found it a basket to live in I have been very with the result. I see that it is sold out, but I think they will carry it again and here's some information on this one

I have a couple faux pants from Target which I’m super loving also. This faux fern sits on a kitchen shelf which is great because I don’t have to climb up there to water it. It's available here

This one Is on Jon’s dresser and adds just a little color and life to that area. Target has a ton of great faux plants for sale in the store and online. And occasionally they even go on sale. To be honest, this guy may have come from Homegoods which also has a greta section,

I can’t end this conversation with one of my favorite ways to add a little green…scissors and the back yard. I have been to tell kids to go out and find pretty things for the table before holidays and family dinners. I love the variety of green right off our lawn and so I will find a few fun stems and put them in a little water. It’s amazing how long those guys stay green on the table. Longer in fact than greenery you buy from the florist. Live, green, and free, that’s a great combination.

If in doubt, water it all.

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