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Staging Secrets From a Pro

When some folks hear "staging" they might think of a well placed faux tree to hide the unfortunate view of a messy neighbor. Or, maybe they think of some colorful pillows that make home buyers happy to pay a little more. But, the truth is, staging is more than plants and pillows. Home staging is a combination of interior styling, psychology, and expert marketing. We utilize strategies to help make owners and investors more profit on their home sales by highlighting the homes features and emotionally connecting with buyers. Today I'm going to share three of those secrets with you.

1. Use matching nightstands, pillows, and lamps in the master bedroom.

Matching nightstands and lamps create symmetry, which gives a feeling of peace and harmony.

This says to homebuyers..."My relationship will be better in this home."

2. Hide cleaning products, paper towels, and vacuums.

Home staging is painting the picture of a perfect life. And, we all know life isn't perfect with a toilet brush around. :) Take vacuum cleaners and cleaning products out of main closets and store them somewhere else.

This says to the homebuyer..."This home is so low maintenance, it practically cleans itself!"

3. Use one light neutral paint color throughout the house

Buyers love bright and airy- they want a home that feels fresh, spacious, and clean. Using one light color throughout the house make the home look large and flows better. This says to the homebuyer..."Look at all the space in this feels fresh out of a magazine."

If you're listing your house this summer, these three tips will get you started in preparing your home. If you need more help, give me a ring for vacant and occupied staging. 850-625-7251

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